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Ex-Ante |  Private Bankers

It becomes quick and easy to monitor  investments  customers , aggregate portfolios,  control the risk e  generate new investment ideas.

In-depth analysis  of the wallet

Log in easily and  immediate  to all data of the  your wallets . Monitor  the main statistical indicators ed  locate  the strengths and weaknesses that allow you to provide a cutting-edge service for the  your customers in all market conditions.



personalized  worth

Create,  rebalance and customize your wallets according to  to the needs of your customers with an innovative Behavioral Finance approach. Use a technology tailored to the Private Banker to make a difference in the market and provide the best service to your customers.


New ideas  


Seize the best investment opportunities on the financial markets. Identify which tools allow you to meet your investment objectives  shared with the customer,  protection, stability

and growth ,  for the asset classes present in the portfolio.



Dedicated tool  comparison  graph and analytic . It allows you to analyze numerous financial data and compare more  financial instruments to better understand their value which often does not appear to the naked eye.


Risk monitoring

It monitors the main portfolio risks through the Scenario Analysis of Ex-Ante, of multifactorial risk indicators and understand the financial instruments that have a high capacity of DrawDown recovery.




Share your portfolio choices with your customers by increasing their  transparency .


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business executive

MiFid 2

The module  Ex-Ante Private Bankers  was designed to allow the financial advisor to devote himself more to his clients and to cultivate successful relationships, while remaining competitive in the market and the strong evolutions that  MiFid 2  made financial advice.

Giovane imprenditrice

Model wallets

To speed up the process of creating the various investment ideas according to the client's needs and objectives, there are a series of risk-based asset allocations, which are defined as model portfolios, based on indices.

Digital Mind

Behavioral Finance

Our research and development focuses on  risk management, the intelligent use of correlation and the development of  efficiency indicators based on behavioral finance, which allow us to look beyond the performance of individual financial instruments such as i  mutual funds  and / or  ETFs.


Statistical indicators

It is possible to further customize the portfolio with the best funds and / or ETFs that the user considers most suitable according to the various parameters such as volatility,  the Sharpe index,  the DIAMAN Ratio  And  many other statistical indicators.

lavoro Laptop

≠ Markowitz

We have created financial software complementary to traditional platforms using innovative methods and models with respect to the mean and variance criteria adopted by  Markowitz.


Ruggero Bertelli

Ex-Ante Advisor and Associate Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries at
the University of Siena, where he teaches Banking Techniques

and Credit Risk Management.


Vice – President of Prader Bank.

Member of the advisory committee of the closed-end fund Euregio minibond

of PensPlan Invest SGR.



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