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Holistic approach to the portfolio

Aggregate data of your customers portfolios through a single solution.

Ex-Ante provides you with complete asset overview of the portfolios.


Value proposition

Create, rebalance and customize your portfolios based on your customers' needs with an innovative Behavioral Finance approach.


Use tailored solutions for financial advisors to manage the relationships with clients.


New investment ideas

Seize the best investment opportunities on the financial markets.


Identify which instruments allow you to meet the investment objectives shared with the client, protection, stability and growth, for the asset classes in the portfolio.


Foster customer transparency.


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The Ex-Ante Family Offices suite is delivering high-touch service to the clients. Our mission is to provide innovative tools preserving wealth and meeting the most complex needs.

Digital Mind


Our research is focused on managing the risk under the uncertain conditions. Using principles of behavioral finance, we provide advanced tools aiming to capitalize on the market's over-reaction and under-reaction.

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In just a few clicks you can update, track and create well diversified portfolios through the Ex-Ante Family Offices suite


Discover, update and improve your professional skills.

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