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Financial advisor 

The platform offers a quick and easy way to create an investment portfolio, monitor client investments, aggregate portfolios, control risk and generate new investment ideas

In-depth portfolio analysis

Track your overall portfolio in one place.

Monitor the main statistical indicators and identify the strengths and weaknesses that allow you to provide a cutting-edge service for your customers regardless of the market conditions.


Value proposition

Create, rebalance and customize your portfolios based on your customers' needs with an innovative Behavioral Finance approach.


Use tailored solutions for financial advisors to manage the relationships with clients.


New investment ideas

Seize the best investment opportunities on the financial markets .


Determine which instruments allow you to support clients in achieving investment goals, protection, stability, and growth for the investment portfolio.




Ex-ante provides advanced graphical and analytical tool to speed up analysis of the financial data.


Track your investment portfolio, evaluate your strategy, and create watchlists of potential opportunities.


Risk monitoring

Empower risk analysis with comprehensive tools to be prepared for the unexpected.



Foster customer transparency.

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The functionalities

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MiFid 2

The Ex-Ante Financial Advisor suite allows users to become strategical partners of their clients and develop long term business relationships. Remain competitive with our module and increase transparency in line with MiFid 2.

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Portfolio model

A model portfolio allows to diversify your asset allocation in order to reduce the risk and maximize the goal of the investors.

Digital Mind

Behavioral Finance

Our research is focused on managing the risk under the uncertain conditions. Using principles of behavioral finance, we provide advanced tools aiming to capitalize on the market's over-reaction and under-reaction.


Statistical indicators

You can customize the portfolio with the best assets in line with the goal of your clients.

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≠ Markowitz

We have created financial software that empowers traditional platforms. We implemented innovative methods that are based not only on the past returns to look ahead to the financial market.


Ruggero Bertelli

Diaman Tech Advisor and Associate Professor of financial intermediaries economics at the University of Siena where he teaches Banking Techniques and Credit Risk Management. Vice-President of Prader Bank. Member of the expert committee of the closed fund Euregio minibond PensPlan Invest SGR.


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